Heliport Lights - Lighted Windsock

A windsock is used to indicate the wind direction and its intensity to helicopter operator. Every heliport must be provided with at least one windsock and if the Landing area is used also for night operations, the windsock must be lighted. 

LUXSOLAR can provide the windsock also in contactless version, with the patented CET system: the windsock is so free to turn without creating twists of the cables. The mast can be adapted with materials and coating according to specific needs. LUXSOLAR’s windsock is available in “artic” version, tested to operate up to -50°C.


  • available sock colour: orange/white/red&white (stripes)
  • designed to be visible from 200m distance
  • collapsible, folding, frangible version
  • sock material: polyester or nylon, PU coated
  • sock dimensions: available from ø 0,25m to 0,9m; lengths compliant to current rules
  • mast material: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Galvanized Steel, GRP
  • mast heigh: 3m to windsock centreline or on request
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