Heliport Lights - Heliport Helihoist Lights

Heliport Helihoist light should be used to inform the pilot if a wind turbine (suitable to perform winch actions with qualified personnel) is in safety or not. Some Wind Turbine, in fact, provide that a qualified technical staff and specialised operator to descent on special platforms by helicopter winch to carry out specific maintenance or control operations.


  • Based on LED technologies
  • GREEN Light - steady burning: wind turbine is secure for operation on the platform
  • GREEN Light - flashing (120fpm): wind turbine is in preparation to accept hoist operation or during operation parameters are moving out of limits
  • Light OFF: wind turbine is not safe for conducting operations
  • Intensity: >2.000cd
  • Long life time >10 years life expectancy
  • Low consumption
  • Degree of Protection IP66
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Wind resistance tested at 240km/h (150mph)
  • Vibration resistance up to: 80m/s2 (10° Mercalli Intensy Scale / 7° Richter Magnitude Scale)
  • Easy to install
  • No RF radiations
Applications made with Heliport Lights - Heliport Helihoist Lights