Luxsolar Cloud Monitoring System - Local

Web interface that allows you to view a synoptic panel of the installed system through ethernet connection, to control and monitor the system on site or remotely through our modem card (equipped with HTTP protocol and SMTP client) based on "single board computer" technology . The card integrates 8 I / O channels.
  • Data transmission via ethernet
  • 24-hour monitoring: continuous and unlimited transmission for updating the system status
  • Checking the status of the AWL system
  •           Fault and anomaly communication
  •           Real-time notification of alarm signals
  • "Self Checking" of AWL systems: there is no need to perform remote diagnostic tests, which would make the system vulnerable from the outside
  • Maximum transmission protocol security (one-way transmission)
  • Unidirectional communication to inhibit the possibility of third parties tampering with the system and turning off the AWLs
  • Sending email for alarm status *
  • WEB interface "Dashboard":
  •          Dynamic graphic display
  •          Simple and intuitive structure
  •          Customizable
  •          Usable through any browser and mobile device