Luxsolar Cloud Luxsolar System - High Impact Wireless

Monitoring unit designed for simless Network technology, can be integrated with LTE / GSM standards. Through these technologies it is possible to receive and upload data on the LUXSOLAR Web Dashboard portal for system status monitoring, reporting and remote diagnostics.
  • Data transmission via radio global simless network / LTE-GSM - Worldwide
  • 24-hour monitoring - continuous and unlimited transmission for updating the system status
  • Geo location of AWLs
  • Checking the status of the AWL system:
  •       fault and anomaly communication
  •       supervision of the status of the radio / LTE-GSM system
  •       real-time notification of alarm signals
  •       Real-time notification of operating temperatures of AWLs
  • "Self Checking" of AWL systems: there is therefore no need to perform remote diagnostic tests that would make the system vulnerable from the outside.
  • Maximum transmission protocol security (HTTPS data encryption)
  • Unidirectional communication to inhibit the possibility of third parties tampering with the system and turning off the AWLs
  • Sending email for alarm status *
  • Memory of past faults and monitoring of AWL operating hours
  • Automatic firmware update via cloud
  • WEB interface "Dashboard":
  •      Dynamic graphic display
  •      Simple and intuitive structure
  •      Possibility of multi-user access
  •      Customizable
  •      Usable through any browser and mobile device

The HIGH IMPACT monitoring system is available for all AWL LUXSOLAR system solutions