Luxsolar Cloud Monitoring System

The monitoring system, for the measurement and transcription of information from the device to the operator and / or the designer, is a complex apparatus that includes software components active both on the device and in the Cloud.
Who is it for:

To all users who manage AWL systems and who know how the security, inspection and maintenance of systems is a strategic activity that requires time and resources. Through the LUXSOLAR Cloud Monitoring System, you will have continuous control of the operating status of your system, with real-time updates when something changes.

The LUXSOLAR monitoring platform offers several solutions:

- Through our ethernet modem card (equipped with HTTP server and SMTP client) based on "single board computer" technology, which integrates a "4" channel I / O interface with the possibility of expansion and backup battery *

Low Impact Wireless (CMS-LXS-LIW) - Through a dedicated radio module based on simless Network technology

High Impact Wireless (CMS-LXS-HIW) - Through a dedicated radio card, based on simless Network technology that integrates 16 expandable I / O channels (12 Digital + 4 Analog), and which can be interfaced to an LTE / GSM modem via RS232 interface