MIOL EX (medium intensity)

According to ICAO - Annex 14 Medium Intensity Obstruction LightsType A, B or C - have to be used where the obstacle is particularly large and the height of the surrounding soil is more than 45m.

The Medium Intensity Obstruction Lights Type A (intensity 20.000cd - day-mode white flashing; 2.000cd - night-mode white flashing) have to be used alone .

The Medium Intensity Obstruction Lights Type B (intensity 2.000cd - night-mode red flashing) should be used either alone or in combination with Low Intensity Obstacle Lights, Type B.

The Medium Intensity Obstruction Lights Type C (intensity 2.000cd - night-mode red steady burning) have to be used alone.

For some installations where the daily beacons (MIOL-A) are requested by the installer, it can be requested to make predictions for night signalization (especially in ambients where a white lamp is not accepted or it could result in disturbing the surrounding buildings) of which the emitted light is red. For this kind of applications, LUXSOLAR is able to provide the DUAL beacon (MIOL-AB 20.000cd day mode white flashing; 2.000cd night mode red flashing or MIOL-AC 20.000cd day mode white flashing ; 2.000cd night mode red steady burning) in the same lamp body, therefore guaranteeing considerable savings in terms of materials and the installation activities.