For the olefin expansion project by Map Ta Phut Olefins Co. Ltd (MOC), whose aim is to increase the annual olefin production capacity of existing plant in Map Ta Phut, Rayong (Thailand), LUXSOLAR has been contacted several times to supply complete LED Aircraft Warning Light systems. 

First for the Industrial Port Phase III project LUXSOLAR  has provided a complete AWL system suitable for hazardous area composed by MIOL-B beacons (2.000cd red flashing during night) and LIOL-B beacons (32cd red steady burning during night), then for the Ethilene MOCD2 project LUXSOLAR supplied another complete AWL system composed by MIOL-AB (20.000cd white flashing during day and 2.000cd red flashing during night) and LIOL-B (32cd red steady during night) beacons.

Petrochemical plants
1 Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, I-3B Road Tambol Map Ta Phut