The skyscraper, third in height in Italy after the Tower of Unicredit of Milan of 231 meters and the Tower Isozaki (Allianz) of 209.20 meters also in Milan, provides 42 floors of which two buried: 41 will be used as an office while the attic on the 43rd floor will host a hanging forest accessible to the public.

The project underwent several changes that determined the reduction in height from the original one of 220 meters to the final one of 209 meters.

On the façades, 1,000 square meters of photovoltaic panels will be installed, to guarantee energy self-sufficiency as much as possible, together with the construction of large glazed surfaces to reduce the need for artificial light.

Given the height of the skyscraper and the request of ENAC to use 200.000cd high intensity obstruction light devices for this structure, it has been involved in the Luxsolar project, the only Italian company able to produce such signaling devices. The system provided is synchronized wirelessly via GPS with the Palazzo di Banca Intesa, whose high-intensity signal lights have been provided by Luxsolar.

Date: 28 September 2018
Category: Buildings

Via Farigliano, 9
10127 Torino