The Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper is the new headquarter of the Intesa San Paolo banking group and is located in Turin, designed by architect Renzo Piano.

The building is 167 meters tall and is the third tallest building in the city, after the "Regione Piemonte" tower (205 meters high) and the historic Mole Antonelliana (167,5 meters).

Given the height, LUXSOLAR Aircraft Warning Lights used for this project are HIOL-A (High Intensity) white flashing 200.000cd during daytime, 20.000cd at twilight and 2.000cd at night on top of structure and MIOL-A (Medium Intensity) white flashing 20.000cd during daytime and 2.000cd during night time.

Beacons installed on this building flash synchronized with other LUXSOLAR Aircraft Warning Lights installed on "Regione Piemonte" skyscraper.

Date: 01 October 2013
Category: Buildings

Corso Inghilterra, 3
10121 Torino