The Rande Bridge is a cable-stayed motorway bridge that spans cross the Rande Strait, in Vigo, Spain. It was designed by Italian engineer Fabrizio de Miranda and completed in 1978.

It has a length of 1558 metres, its pillars have a height of 148 metres and its main span measures 400 metres. Today is one of the biggest Spanish cable-stayed bridges in Spain at is an engineering buildint that characterizes Vigo. It currently carries around 50,000 vehicles per day.

In 2019 LUXSOLAR was contacted to provide a complete Aircraft Warning Light system for this bridge, providing MIOL-AC beacons (20.000cd white flashing during day and 2.000cd red steady burning during night) located on top of pillars and combined with MIOL-C beacons (2.000cd red steady burning during night) installed at middle level of structure.

Date: 11 April 2020
Category: Bridges