Santiago–Rosalía de Castro Airport, also known as Santiago de Compostela Airport, is an international airport that serves the world-known region of Spain.

The airport is located 12 km from Santiago de Compostela and in 2019 more than 2.5million passengers used this facility.

In 2020 LUXSOLAR provided for this airport its MIOL-A TWIN Aircraft Warning Light, used to warn the presence to pilots of an elevated building that could constitute an hazard to air navigation. The product displays 20.000cd white flashing during day mode and 2.000cd white flashing during night mode.

Beacon provided additionally is TWIN type, this means that in the same light fixture (with a huge advantage in terms of space reduction and also costs), has the main and emergency light circuit. Thanks to LEDs and solutions adopted by LUXSOLAR this product is the best solution for an efficient, compact and durable Aircraft Warning Light.

Date: 23 April 2020
Category: Airport

Lavacolla S/N
Santiago de Compostela