Genova International Airport, also known as Cristoforo Colombo airport, is surrounded by water.

This location does not allow, as for "normal" airports, the installation of approach lights before the landing strip; for this reason it was necessary define the best solution to provide a lighting system in compliance with ICAO.

Problems to solve were two: first one was install the lights outside the airport and the second put lights under the direct control of the control tower.

Luxsolar technicians solve both problems!

  1. REIL beacon have been installed on the top of the lighting towers present in the loading container area of Genova harbour;
  2. To control the lights LUXSOLAR developed a Radio communication system that, using a free frequency (that does not interfere with radios used by the airport), is able to send and receive signals from the REIL lights and the control tower and is able to change the intensity of the lights according to wheatear conditions

Date: 08 May 2018
Category: Airport

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