Heliport Lights - Perimeter Light TLOF inset power wireless

A signalization TLOF system (Touchdown and Lift-Off area) must be present in every heliport with nigh operation. The system is composed by lights with green omnidirectional emission, located on the perimeter of heliport, this version is vehicle proof. The advantage of this product is the extreme simplicity into installation, no wire for controlling the beacons, no wire for power supply. Everything is done WIRELESS. 

TLOF area can be circular (with a minimum of 14 lights) or square (with minimum of 4 lights for side and installed with a maximum distance of 3 meters one from the other).


  • Based on LED technology
  • No wiring for controlling and power
  • Steady burning GREEN light
  • Intensity: 30cd
  • Long life time >10 years life expectancy
  • Low consumption
  • Lightweight and compact
  • IP66 protection degree
  • Extreme Easily to install
  • No RF-radiations


  • If the products are used with an 8”- and/or 12”- diameter shallow bases, the adapter flange can be supplied by LUXSOLAR
  • Power supply 110/230 VAC from control panel only
  • Additional JB for interconnection