Publication: 15 November 2018

Luxsolar®, the world leader in Aircraft Warning Lights for years, is pleased to present its Medium Intensity Obstruction Beacon with white light – 20.000cd – and Medium Intensity Obstruction Beacon with red light – 2.000cd – suitable to be installed in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous areas.

Luxsolar® products are designed and manufactured according to ICAO / ENAC (Type A, Type B e Type C) and FAA (L864 and L865) regulations; additionally this new Medium Intensity Obstruction Light suitable for hazardous area is revolutionary: all the characteristics of AWL suitable for safe area have been applied also to explosion proof lights, offering a series of advantages for those who choose them, among which:


  • PATENTED COOLING: system, based on “Venturi Principle”, which increases heat dissipation thanks to natural air force;
  • IP66 protection degree,this means that the product is totally protected against dust and high pressure water jets;
  • Three Ex protection modes that guarantee a reliable use in hazardous and potentially explosive area:
  • - eb: increased safety;
  • - mb: encapsulation;
  • - op is: inherent optical radiation, is a protection mode for equipment and transmission systems that use optical radiation. This protection mode means that the beacon emits an optical radiation level suitable for hazardous area applications, without the risk of ignite a possible explosive atmosphere.

PATENT: we have patented our beacons in different countries (EU001929910-0001, CANADA 145 189, USA D673,474 e TURKEY TR2012 05662);

CERTIFICATES: our beacons are certified ATEX(Zone 1: EPT 18 ATEX 3019X and Zone 2: EPTI 18 ATEX 0353X) andI ECEx(Zone 2: IECEx EUT 18.0029X – Zona 1: in progress);

TEST: we test our beacons to guarantee the best quality to our customers.WIND RESISTANCE(240 km/h – 150mph) andVIBRATION TESTS(80 m/s2- 10° scala Mercalli e 7° scala Richter) have been done;

GORE-TEX valve: GORE-TEX valve: thanks to these vent valves, our Aircraft Warning Lights are able to equalize the internal pressure, manage humidity and condensation, creating a barrier against external agents and remaining intact, thus preventing damage inside them.