Gazprom, is the largest Russian company. With sales of $ 153 billion in 2012, it accounts for about 70% of Russian natural gas production and reserves of 18,991 km³, controlling 18% of the world's known gas reserves.

Since the end of 2004, Gazprom is the only supplier from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Finland, Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and Slovakia, as well as providing 97% of Bulgaria's gas, 89% of Hungary, 86% of Poland, almost three quarters of that of the Czech Republic, 67% of Turkey, 65% of Austria, about 40% of the Romans, 36% of Germany, 27% of Italy and 25% of France . The European Union gets about 25% of its gas supplies from this company.

In addition to its gas reserves and the world's longest pipeline network with its 158,200 km, it also controls banking, insurance, media, construction and agricultural companies.

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