Atyrau refinery (Kazakhstan) modernization project, started in 2009 and completed in 2015, allowed the structure to increase the refining capacity of crude oil to five million tons per year, making it the first modern oil refinery in the country.

As part of this project, new structures of different heights have also been erected and LUXSOLAR has been contacted to provide complete LED Aircraft Warning Light systems suitable for hazardous areas and composed of MIOL-A beacons (20.000cd white flashing during the day and 2.000 white cd flashing at night), suitable for warning the presence of not marked structures with heights between 45m - 150m.

In addition, for one of these structures where there is no possibility for staff to reach the top, LUXSOLAR has projected and supplied its Rail Lowering system that allows the movement of AWLs from the top to the ground, thus making easy maintenance without the need to build stairs and walkways or carry out these activities at height.

Date: 12 April 2019
Category: Petrochemical

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