The Rozzano Telecom tower located in Milan Italy, has a high of 187m and is used for mobile phones, civil protection, police, fireman, and several private companies but also from, as reference, from airplanes pilots during the landing phase.

The top, where in addition to the antennas there are the panoramic rooms used today by Telecom Italia technicians, can be reached by an elevator outside the tower that flows inside a transparent structure. Next to the tower there are several buildings used as data centers and offices, as well as an auditorium where the company's boards of directors are held.

Luxsolar has redesign in year 2017 the Aircraft Warning Lights system to make the tower compliance with the new ICAO and ENAC rules and make the sky more safe.

The AWL system uses the last brighter LED technology to realized the high intensity obstruction light that reach, during the day, the intensity of 200.000cd

Date: 08 May 2018

Viale Romagna , 34