The CMA CGM tower lighted in Marseille

Designed by the Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, the CMA CGM Tower is the head office of the shipping group of the same name from the month of January 2011.

High of over 147 meters, and located between the port and the city of Marseille, the Tower had to get the standards of the French civil aviation. 

The supply of Luxsolar Obstruction lights has been done by our French distributor PROMIC.

 The French civil aviation asked for a diurnal and nocturnal marking. Regarding the architecture and the implementation context of the structure, a marking by colours was not acceptable. Only a marking by lighting can be set up.
From now on, Marseille Tower is visible thanks to the 4 obstruction lights MIOL-ABset up at the top of the structure, flashing white by day, and red by night. A power supply cabinet has also been realized to control the 4 beacons.

Date: 17 December 2018
Category: Buildings

4 Quai d'Arenc
13002 Marseille (France)