LUXSOLAR in 2019 has provided to warn the presence of the Padua Military Hospital (Italy) to aircrafts, its LED Medium Intensity Obstruction Light MIOL-B TWIN that displays 2.000cd red flashing during the night.

The TWIN version of LUXSOLAR beacons is a compound of innovation and design: the beacons are specifically projected to be as compact as possible as well as efficient, resistant to vibrations and severe weather conditions. The innovation consists in the fact that in only one lighting fixture there are two separate LED circuits: the operating one (normally working) and the emergency one (that will turn on only in case of failure of the first operating LED circuit). This solution makes the old TWIN versions (with double heads) obsolete and extremely expensive if compared with LUXSOLAR design of TWIN beacons.

Date: 13 October 2019
Category: Buildings

Via S. Giovanni di Verdara, 123