The Great Mosque of Algiers is the third largest mosque (after Mecca and Al-Masjid an-Nabawi of Medina) and boasts the highest minaret in the world (270 meters).

Its completion took place in 2018 and given the peculiarity of the structure and especially for the height of both the Mosque and the Minaret, LUXSOLAR was consulted to provide High Intensity Aircraft Warning Light (200.000cd), being the only company able to provide a signaling device with such high light output.

At a later stage LUXSOLAR was contacted to provide lighting systems for the newly constructed heliport, adjacent to the Mosque. In this case, recessed TLOF lights, a windsock and a heliport beacon were provided.

Date: 04 October 2018
Category: Buildings

Rue El Mourabitoune
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