Aria Tower is a residential building located in the district named “Centro Direzionale di Milano” and built within the Porta Nuova Project. This 17-storey tower is the least elevated of the three towers that compose the Porta Nuova Varesine project, but has a unique architecture: two independent wings that vary in both base and height dimensions to offer different housing solutions.

As for the Solaria and Solea Towers, LUXSOLAR in 2013 provided a complete LED Aircraft Warning Light system composed by MIOL-AB beacons (20.000cd white flashing lights during the day and 2.000cd red flashing during the night) and LIOL -B (32cd red steady burning during the night). The control panel that manages these lights also allows them to flash in synchronization with the LUXSOLAR lights installed on the nearby towers and Palazzo Diamante.

Date: 10 December 2013
Category: Buildings

Piazza Alvar Aalto