Al Tijaria Tower, located in the district of Hoora, with its 46 floors is an impressive and iconic skyscraper (the highest residential structure built until today) that dominates Manama skyline, capital of Bahrain.

LUXSOLAR for this elevated structure provided an AWL system composed by beacons suitable for day mode (with white light) and night mode (with red light): in highly populated areas the choice of red light during the night is very common and LUXSOLAR can offer in the same light fixture the double colour: white for day and red for night. So beacons used for this project are HIOL-AB (200.000cd white flash during day, 20.000cd white flash during twilight and 2.000cd red flash during night), MIOL-AB (20.000cd white flash during day and 2.000cd red flash during night) and LIOL-B (32cd red steady burning during night).

Date: 09 February 2020
Category: Buildings