The Genova airport, well know as Cristoforo Colombo airport, has the characteristic to be enveloped by water.

There is no way, as per other airports, to be notified as per ICAO rules using some lights that indicate to the planes from which side make the landing, the name of these lights is REIL.

The REIL are used to identify the threshold (approach end) of a runway and provides guidance to pilots during approach for landing.

The problem was not only to install the lights outside the airport but also to make it under the direct control of the control tower.

Luxsolar technicians solve both problems!

  1. For REIL beacons installation, they have been installed on the top of the light towers in a plant of container loading (on the left of the below photo).
  2. The installation of a radio communication system, developed by Luxsolar, using a free frequency that do not disturb the ones used by the airport, has been able to send and receive signals from the REILS and the control tower and is able to change the intensity of the lights in respect of the external wheatear conditions

Date: 08 May 2018
Category: Airport

Via Pionieri e Aviatori d'Italia, 1
16154 GENOVA